How to Install a Doorlenz

Part One: Drilling the Hole

1. Cut or drill an even, perpendicular hole in a marked location through the door using any of the following tools:

Note: An 1/4" flange around the perimeter of the Doorlenz will cover any
imperfections if the hole is slightly oversized or irregular in shape.
Warning: Wear protective glasses when using power tools.

Part Two: Fitting the Doorlenz

2. The Doorlenz consists of two flanges,
a threaded insert and a tinted lenz.
 3. Place lenz into one of the flanges.
Then thread to lock the lenz in place.


4. Place assembly with lenz on the outside surface of door.
Thread second flange from inside of door to complete installation.  

Very Important: Make sure the parts are aligned so as not to damage the threads when assembling.    

View Installation Video