About Us

Craft-Modern seeks to design and produce unique products for the home. We have a modern aesthetic, yet continue to admire mid-century design. Our goal is to create products that compliment classic, mid-century homes as well as contemporary industrial lofts. We strive to offer products with design options that allow for the customization of every home environment.

Our first product, the Doorlenz, allows for the updating and customization of the front door—the most important door of the home. It can also be incorporated into panels and room dividers. The Doorlenz is economical, easy to install, and will show the unique personality of every homeowner. The Gira Table, our latest product, is a modular table base, made of anodized aluminum. The table legs come in two different styles with nine color options, allowing you to create your own unique table. The legs are mix-and-match, and when assembled, the table will always be level. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our products.