Our latest product, the Gira Table, is a modular table base. The table consists of a t-slot aluminum post and decorative, anodized, aluminum legs that fasten to the slots. The post can be ordered in any length from 6” to 24” for a custom table height. The legs come in 2 designs and 9 color options. The legs can be mixed and matched, but the table will always be level when assembled. All hardware is included, and the tables are easy to assemble. You will need a standard hex key wrench for assembly. All parts are flat packed for easy, economical shipping.

The process below allows you to build your own custom table. Click here if you wish to purchase a pre-designed table.

How to Build & Buy

Step One: Select 8 Table Legs. Mix and match various color and style options. You must have 8 table legs for a complete table.

Step Two: Select 1 Post. Each table leg attaches to the t-slot post.

Step Three: Select 1 or 2 Post Caps. Post caps attach to top and bottom of post.