Rebuilding Together's Dreams Happen July 29, 2015 12:00

A while back, we received an inquiry from Square Three Design Studios about participating in a charity fundraiser for Rebuilding Together Peninsula. Dreams Happen is an event that the organization holds every two years, and it is FUN.

 Architects and builders are paired to design and construct very interesting, extravagant playhouses, in order to be auctioned off at the Dreams Happen Gala (which happened in June). There were lots of awesome playhouses this year, and we at Craft-Modern feel very humbled to have been given the opportunity to be a part of one of the special designs.


Rebuilding Together Peninsula is committed to their mission to “build volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low-income homeowners and neighbors, such as seniors, people with disabilities, and families, so that they can live independently in warmth and safety.” This is a mission we are honored to support. 

And here is a fun video featuring "GALACTIC GUARDIAN S3-15." Cool points to anyone who spots a Doorlenz (or eight)!