People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler September 16, 2015 12:00

We have mentioned, a time or two, our appreciation for the mid-century modern aesthetic. Here in the Bay Area, we have the pleasure of beholding a pillar in MCM design--the Eichler communities.

Have you seen People in Glass Houses? It’s a 45-minute documentary on Eichler homes and what they mean to the people who have nurtured an unwavering appreciation for them through the years.

The film gives a proper serving of history on Joseph Eichler- his background, his personality, and his vision as he ignited a movement- and this is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to learn a little something. But the film is more than just a history lesson. It’s fun. In it, we are given a glimpse of life inside the walls…or...frames, rather.

One homeowner who was interviewed said that living in an Eichler is “like living in a piece of art…it’s more than just a residence, it’s a fuller existence.” Another goes on to talk about how life in an Eichler enables the mundane things to become an experience; things like, answering the telephone or flipping a light switch.

This concept is at the heart of Craft-Modern's designs. One of our primary motivations will always be to create pieces and ideas that enrich, that bring life to the day-to-day.